"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas in Luxembourg

I was not supposed to be here. My original plan was to work in Reykjavik in Iceland for the holiday season as I know Nordic people are crazy for Christmas parties. But one day before my flight to Iceland my agency called that club has troubles with license so they are shut down by the police for the moment but the owner still wants me to go there as they can get the licence back in a short time. So I flew there and I was waiting for 2 weeks something to happen... After 2 weeks I have left and came to Luxembourg.

First thing to make it clear, yes, there are agencies to cooperate between clubs and girls. Usually clubs don't like girls working without an agency. And personally I prefer to work with agencies because if something happens they are there to help (like find a new place in short notice if necessary) and it's a safer way because they already know the club and its conditions.

And I still travel a lot. After Greece I have worked almost every country in Europe, Canada, South Africa and China, and the list is not full. True, I spent some amazing time working in other countries. Somebody told me the travelling is my addiction :)

Third, these kind of problems with police always could happen. But I never need to be worried because I'm working as self employed and I pay tax and insurance and I sign contracts with clubs all the time. Police officers just do their job and checking up recently and of course if they find something suspicious they start to investigate.

Well, now I'm here in Luxembourg. That's my first time when I work at Christmas. Usually clubs closed for the holiday season, but ours was open even on the 25th of December. And I had a choice to stay home alone for Christmas and eating as much as I can and watching the Love Actually for hundred times or I can make some money. This time the money won.

Plus I was curious what kind of people go to a strip club for Christmas. For me Christmas is a family-together celebration but since I was a little girl I wanted to know how other families spend this time. I know it's business for me, but I feel a bit sad for those who has no family or they are far from them that time of the year. But the people that showed up in the club seemed they don't really care. We had a full house with party people (probably after spending time with their family) they just couldn't wait to drink and put some dollars in girl's panties and drink more.. And not much place open this time in town. In one hand it was good for business, but in other, sad that even Christmas time people don't want to celebrate with their families.

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Beginning (2)

Let's start from from the beginning. I still remember when me and my friends went to watch the Sex and the city 2. movie in Chelsea (you can guess how long ago I started) But in the first 5 minutes I saw the trailer of the movie Eat, pray, love.. and I still can hear the sentence saying: “Let yourself to go!” That was a sign I needed! That time I was working in a restaurant at Notting Hill and I felt I'm the hamster in the wheel that just keep turning and turning and the time just passing by. From the very first moment I felt this movie is about me – whatever is the end of it. I could easily imagine myself as Julia Roberts craving for freedom, finding the way out of daily problems and live the Life in its wholeness. I wanted to take a deep breath and to feel I'm still alive!

After a couple of weeks I got an email from an agency that they were looking for girls to work in Greece as a hostess/dancer. That's it. The decision has been made. Even I knew later I'm gonna be labeled as a bitch I chose to walk on my own path without reference to anything or anybody.

I've never had the money to travel as much as I wanted and now I have the perfect offer to spend 3 months summer on the beach and I'm earning money with?! I'm in!
I didn't have a single thought that it can be a scam or it could end in a very bad way. I trusted my instincts. I called the woman from the agency and she answered all my questions and ensured me they are waiting for me at the airport in Athens and they take me to Loutraki were the club is located.
So I quit my job, I bought my tickets, I told everyone I go for a long holiday, I packed my suitcase and jumped in the middle. That's how everything started...

Still today I have no regrets. If I have a chance to change my life, probably I would do everything in the same way. It's not only the easy money, not even the people I've met and the places I've seen, but all the life lessons I've learned during this period. They made me strong without losing myself. They opened my eyes but keep me cautious. I've learned how to handle my limits and how to push my boundaries. But most importantly I've learned a lot about myself.

The Beginning

“I'm a dancer.” “What kind? Ballet? Latin?” I smiled. No more questions.

Why I start writing this blog? In my country we say if there is something you can't tell to anybody, let's tell everybody. I don't know if it works in real life, but definitely a good feeling to confess all my sins here. So now I'm ready to share all the secret details about the life of a stripper. All stories here are my real experiences, I only changed the name of the characters.

By the way, this is not a blog of a 20 years old party girl. I want less girlie talk here about guys, sex and rock'n'roll but more deep thoughts about human relationships (either love or friendship). Sorry if I disappoint you but I don't want to be a copy of Belle de Jour who wrote about the ultimate adventures of a London call girl (although we live in the same city) So if you want to read some saucy stuff, I encourage you to buy that book.

This lifestyle still holds so many secrets. Some people have no clue about. Men see the pretty girl on stage doing some erotic moves and slowly taking her clothes off while they fantasize what they would do with her body in private. Women are more judging. This is totally fine. But I want to point that we dancers are normal people just like anybody else. We also cry and share the same feelings, sometimes we are desperate or confused, and sometimes we want to give up everything for a man we trust, just those women who never worked in this nightlife.
And being totally frank here, some “normal” people can do worst things for money than taking off some clothes. And being even more honest, I'm fed up playing the game and lie about my life.. But this was a long way to get here..